Michellene Barrett 

Author of the Englisha Series

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*Featured in February 2017 issue of Brooklyn Family*

Meet the Author Michellene Barrett

Later that afternoon, Englisha returned home with two large shopping bags. 

   "Mom, wait till you see my outfit that I bought for the first day of school!" shouted Englisha as she ran up to her room to put her shopping bags down. 

   "I can't wait!"

   Englisha quickly put on the cheetah-print tank top, beige pants, and six-inch stilettos. She cautiously walked down the stairs to the kitchen, where her mother, Mrs. Regents, was washing the dishes. 

   When Mrs. Regents turned around and saw Englisha standing in that outfit, she let out a screech. "Englisha, where on earth do you think you are going dressed like that?"

   "This is my first day of school outfit!" exclaimed Englisha, smiling.

   "wait till your father sees you," said Mrs. Regents, holding her chest in shock. "Matt, you have to come down here and see what Englisha wants to wear on the first day of school." 


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​Excerpt from Englisha and Laurenthina: Best Friends Forever?

Michellene Barrett is the author of two juvenile fiction books. As a high school senior, she published her first book Englisha and David's Adventurous Vacation.The second book in the Englisha series is Englisha and Laurenthina: Best Friends forever? In the fourth grade, Michellene began writing stories about the adventures of Englisha and David and sharing them with her classmates. Her peers encouraged her to be a published author.