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About the Author:  Michellene Barrett

Englisha tries to apologize to Laurenthina but it seems as if Laurenthina is not quite ready to mend their friendship. In fact, it seems like her plan is to make Englisha’s senior year, a living nightmare. To survive this school year, Englisha will have to learn the value of forgiveness and love." 

Laurenthina, Englisha's best friend, warns Englisha about going on a vacation with a boy that she recently met. Englisha feels Laurenthina is jealous. On this adventurous vacation, Englisha escapes death several times. Should Englisha have listened to Laurenthina's warnings?

About the Books:

                            ​        Michellene Barrett 

                                                Author of the Englisha Series

Englisha and David's Adventurous Vacation is Michellene's first published book. The second book in the Englisha series is Englisha and Laurenthina: Best Friends Forever?In the fourth grade, Michellene began writing stories about the adventures of Englisha and David and sharing them with her classmates. Her peers encouraged her to be a published author. 

Michellene Barrett, an elementary school teacher, obtained a bachelor's degree in Childhood Education from City College of New York. She also received a master's degree in literacy from Columbia University Teachers College.

Michellene currently writes in a new blog: chasingsuccessblog.wordpress.com. She is featured in the February 2017 issue of Brooklyn Family magazine.